12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

Director: Sidney Lumet | Genre: Drama

Released: 1957 | Runtime: 96 min

A jury holdout attempts to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence.

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  • [last lines] Juror #9: Hey... what's your name? Juror #8: Davis. Juror #9: My name's McCardle. [pause] Juror #9: Well, so long. Juror #8: So long.
  • Juror #6 : Well, I'm not used to supposin'. I'm just a workin' man. My boss does all the supposin' - but I'll try one. Supposin' you talk us all out of this and, uh, the kid really did knife his father?
  • Juror #10 : Bright? He's a common ignorant slob. He don't even speak good English.
    Juror #11 : *Doesn't* even speak good English.
  • Juror #10 : I don't understand you people! I mean all these picky little points you keep bringing up. They don't mean nothing. You saw this kid just like I did. You're not gonna tell me you believe that phony story about losing the knife, and that business about being at the movies. Look, you know how these people lie! It's born in them! I mean what the heck? I don't have to tell you. They don't know what the truth is! And lemme tell you, they don't need any real big reason to kill someone, either! No sir! [ Five gets up from his seat ]
    Juror #10 : They get drunk... oh, they're real big drinkers, all of 'em - you know that - and bang: someone's lyin' in the gutter. Oh, nobody's blaming them for it. That's the way they are! By nature! You know what I mean? VIOLENT!
    Juror #10 : [ Nine rises and crosses to the window ] Where're you going?
    Juror #10 : Human life don't mean as much to them as it does to us! [ Eleven gets up and walks to the other window ]
    Juror #10 : Look, they're lushing it up and fighting all the time and if somebody gets killed, so somebody gets killed! They don't care! Oh, sure, there are some good things about 'em, too. Look, I'm the first one to say that. [ Eight gets up and walks to the nearest wall ]
    Juror #10 : I've known a couple who were OK, but that's the exception, y'know what I mean? [ Two and Six get up from the table. Everyone's back is to Ten ]
    Juror #10 : Most of 'em, it's like they have no feelings! They can do anything! What's goin' on here? I'm trying to tell you... you're makin' a big mistake, you people! This kid is a liar! I know it. I know all about them! Listen to me! They're no good! There's not a one of 'em who is any good! I mean, what's happening in here? I'm speaking my piece, and you... [ the Foreman gets up and walks away. So does Twelve ]
    Juror #10 <
  • "Juror #8: Look, there was one alleged eye witness to this killing. Someone else claims he heard the killing, saw the boy run out afterwards and there was a lot of circumstantial evidence. But, actually, those two witnesses were the entire case for the prosecution. Supposing they're wrong? Juror #12: What do you mean, supposing they're wrong? What's the point of having witnesses at all? Juror #8: Could they be wrong? Juror #12: What are you trying to say? Those people sat on the stand under oath. Juror #8: They're only people. People make mistakes. Could they be wrong? Juror #12: Well, no, I don't think so. Juror #8: Do you 'know' so? Juror #12: Oh, come on. Nobody can know a thing like that. This isn't an exact science. Juror #8: That's right, it isn't.
  • "Juror #3: Look, you voted guilty. What side are you on? Juror #11: I don't believe I have to be loyal to one side or the other. I'm simply asking questions.
  • Juror #3: Reasonable doubt! That's nothing but words.
  • Juror #8: Suppose we're wrong.
  • Juror #3: It's these kids - the way they are nowadays. When I was a kid I used to call my father, 'Sir'. That's right... 'Sir'. You ever hear a kid call his father that anymore?
    Juror #8: Fathers don't seem to think it's important anymore.
    Juror #3: You got any kids?
    Juror #8: Three.
    Juror #3: I got one. Twenty-two years old. [takes photo from his wallet and shows it to Juror #8]
    Juror #3: Aah. When he was nine years old he ran away from a fight. I saw it; I was so embarrassed I almost threw up. I said, I'm gonna make a man outa you if I have to break you in two tryin'. And I made a man out of him. When he was sixteen we had a fight. Hit me in the jaw - a big kid. Haven't seen him for two years. Kids... work your heart out...
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