American Graffiti

American Graffiti

Director: George Lucas | Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released: 1973 | Runtime: 110 min

A couple of high school grads spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.

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American Graffiti Quotes

  • John Milner: If you ever get tired of going steady with somebody that ain't around, I'm up for grabs.
  • Mr. Wolfe: I thought you'd left.
    Curt Henderson: No, not yet. I have no matches.
    Mr. Wolfe: That's all right. [strikes a match and lights his cigarette]
    Mr. Wolfe: Brother, how do I get stuck with dance supervision? Will you tell me that? You going back east? Boy, I remember the day I went off. Got drunk as hell the night before, just...
    Curt Henderson: Blotto.
    Mr. Wolfe: Blotto, exactly. Barfed on the train all the next day, too.
    Curt Henderson: Cute, very cute. Where'd you go again?
    Mr. Wolfe: Middlebury, Vermont.
    Curt Henderson: Right.
    Mr. Wolfe: Got a scholarship.
    Curt Henderson: Only stayed a semester?
    Mr. Wolfe: One semester. After all that, I came back here.
    Curt Henderson: Why did you come back?
    Mr. Wolfe: I decided I wasn't the competitive type. [pauses]
    Mr. Wolfe: I don't know, maybe I was scared.
    Curt Henderson: Well, I uh - I think I may find that I'm not the competitive type myself.
    Mr. Wolfe: What do you mean?
    Curt Henderson: Well, I'm not really sure that I'm [pauses]
    Curt Henderson: going.
    Mr. Wolfe: Hey now, don't be stupid. Experience life! Have some fun, Curt! Anyway, good luck.
  • Ants: Hey, man, who cut the cheese?
    Joe: He who smelt it, dealt it.
  • Bob Falfa: Hey, hey, hey, baby. What do you say?
    Laurie Henderson: Don't say anything and we'll get along just fine.
  • Carol: You're a regular J.D.
    John Milner: File that under uh, C.S. over there. [hands her the ticket Holstein just issued him]
    Carol: C.S.? What's that stand for?
    John Milner: Chicken shit - that's what it is.
    Carol: Oh. [puts the ticket in the glove compartment which is full of similar tickets]
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