Director: | Genre: Drama, Western

Released: 1956 | Runtime: 201 min

Sprawling epic covering the life of a Texas cattle rancher and his family and associates.

Giant Quotes

  • Young Kevin: Hey Danny! You see that water tower. One day our names will be up there in bold letters, The O'Shea Brothers! We're going to own this town, you and me buddy.
  • Dr. J.R. Vance: Hi!
    Dr. Jenny Langer: Hello.
    Dr. J.R. Vance: Hi, I'm Dr. J.R. Vance from N.A.S.A.
    Dr. Jenny Langer: Oh, I'm so glad you're here, Doctor. I'm Jenny Langer.
    Dr. J.R. Vance: Nice to meet you. I have an appointment with your father.
    Dr. Jenny Langer: Oh, no no. He passed away in 1962
    Dr. J.R. Vance: Oh, I'm so sorry, then the appointment must be with your husband.
    Dr. Jenny Langer: I'm not married.
    Dr. J.R. Vance: I'm NOT sorry. Then it's probably with your brother.
    Dr. Jenny Langer: No, my brother's an interior decorator in Oshkosh. You see, Doctor... Vance. I'm afraid your appointment is with me. I'm DOCTOR Jenny Langer.
  • Jett Rink: I don't know what it might just be a good idea... to gamble 'long with ol' Madama.
    Bick Benedict: How do you mean?
    Jett Rink: Jus' gamble 'long. Just... keep what she give me. [beat]
    Jett Rink: I'm sentimental too, Bick.
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