Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause

Director: Nicholas Ray | Genre: Drama

Released: 1955 | Runtime: 111 min

A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies.

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Rebel Without a Cause Quotes

  • Jim Stark: I've got the bullets!
  • Jim Stark: You can wake up now, the universe has ended.
  • Frank Stark: Come on Jim, stand up... I'll stand up with you... I'll try to be as brave and strong as you want me to be
  • Jim Stark: Now, would you like to rent or are you more in the mood to buy, dear?
    Judy: You decide, darling. Remember, our budget.
    Plato: Oh don't give it a second thought, it's uh only 3 million dollars a month.
    Jim Stark: What?
    Judy: Oh we can afford it. I'll scrimp and I'll save and I'll work my fingers to the bone. You see we're newlyweds... oh there's just one more thing... what about...
    Plato: Children?
    Judy: Yes.
    Plato: Right this way, mind you though we don't encourage them. They're such a bother.
    Plato: Oh I quite agree, I just can't stand it when they cry. What do you do with them when they cry?
    Plato: [Magoo voice] Drown 'em like puppies, ha!
  • Jim Stark: You're tearing me apart!
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