Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain

Director: Stanley Donen | Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance

Released: 1952 | Runtime: 103 min

A silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to sound.

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Singin' in the Rain Quotes

  • [ Don's about to start shooting a new movie ]
    Cosmo Brown : What's this one about?
    Don Lockwood : It's a French revolution story...
    Cosmo Brown : Don't tell me. You're a French aristocrat, she's a simple girl of the people, and she won't even give you a tumbrel. Hah!
  • [ after filming a love scene ]
    Lina : Oh Donny! You couldn't kiss me like that and not mean it just a teensy bit!
    Don Lockwood : Meet the greatest actor in the world! I'd rather kiss a tarantula.
    Lina : You don't mean that.
    Don Lockwood : I don't - - Hey Joe, get me a tarantula.
  • R.F. Simpson : Don, it'll be a sensation! "Lamont and Lockwood: they talk!"
    Lina : [ with a voice to peel paint ] Well of *course* we talk. Don't everybody?
  • Lina : What's wrong with the way I talk? What's the big idea? Am I dumb or something?
  • Cosmo Brown: You have to show a movie at a party. It's a Hollywood law.
  • Don Lockwood: Now listen, R.F., the owner of the Coconut Grove may do what Lina tells him to, but you're the head of this studio.
    R.F. Simpson: That's right, I'm the head of this studio. She's hired! But don't let Lina know she's on the lot.
  • Lina Lamont: What do they think I am? Dumb or something? Why, I make more money than - than - than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!
  • Rosco: [after a take] We're really rolling, Mr. Simpson.
    R.F. Simpson: Well, you can stop rolling at once.
    Rosco: What?
    R.F. Simpson: Don, Lina.
    Rosco: Ok, everybody save it!
    R.F. Simpson: Save it? Tell them to go home. We're shutting down for a few weeks.
    Rosco: What?
    R.F. Simpson: Well, don't just stand there. Tell them!
    Rosco: Everybody go until further notice! What is it?
  • [after Cosmo's car breaks down]
    Don Lockwood: Don't tell me, it's a flat tire.
    Cosmo Brown: I can't undertand it. This car hasn't given me a lick of trouble in nearly 6 hours.
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