Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Director: Martin Scorsese | Genre: Crime, Drama

Released: 1976 | Runtime: 114 min

A mentally unstable veteran works as a nighttime taxi driver in New York City, where the perceived decadence and sleaze fuels his urge for violent action by attempting to liberate a presidential campaign worker and an underage prostitute.

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Taxi Driver Quotes

  • Personnel Officer : Wanna work uptown at nights? South Bronx? Harlem?
    Travis Bickle : I'll work anytime, anywhere.
    Personnel Officer : Will you work on Jewish holidays?
    Travis Bickle : Anytime, anywhere.
  • Iris : God, you're square.
    Travis Bickle : Hey, I'm not square, you're the one that's square. You're full of shit, man. What are you talking about? You walk out with those fuckin' creeps and low-lifes and degenerates out on the streets and you sell your little pussy for peanuts? For some low-life pimp who stands in the hall? And I'm square? You're the one that's square, man. I don't go screwing fuck with a bunch of killers and junkies like you do. You call that bein' hip? What world are you from?
  • Travis Bickle : You're a young girl, you should be at home. You should be dressed up, going out with boys, going to school, you know, that kind of stuff.
  • Travis Bickle : Shit... I'm waiting for the sun to shine.
  • Travis Bickle: You talkin' to me?
  • Travis Bickle: You're only as healthy as you feel.
  • Travis Bickle: The idea had been growing in my brain for some time: TRUE force. All the king's men cannot put it back together again.
  • Travis Bickle: Let me tell you something. You're in a hell, and you're gonna die in a hell, just like the rest of 'em!
  • Wizard: You get a job. You become the job.
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