The African Queen

The African Queen

Director: John Huston | Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance

Released: 1951 | Runtime: 105 min

In Africa during World War I, a gin-swilling riverboat captain is persuaded by a strait-laced missionary to use his boat to attack an enemy warship.

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The African Queen Quotes

  • Charlie Allnut: There ain't nothing so complicated as the inside of a torpedo.
  • Charlie Allnut: [his stomach is growling] Ain't a thing I can do about it.
  • Captain of Louisa: I think I shall have to hang you twice.
  • Charlie Allnut: You know why did the chicken cross the road.
    Rose Sayer: [missing the joke] I beg your pardon.
    Charlie Allnut: Nevermind, miss.
  • Charlie Allnut: A man takes a drop too much once in a while, it's only human nature.
    Rose Sayer: Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.
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