The Third Man

The Third Man

Director: Carol Reed | Genre: Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller

Released: 1949 | Runtime: 93 min

Pulp novelist Holly Martins travels to shadowy, postwar Vienna, only to find himself investigating the mysterious death of an old friend, Harry Lime.

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The Third Man Quotes

  • Calloway : Go home Martins, like a sensible chap. You don't know what you're mixing in, get the next plane.
    Martins : As soon as I get to the bottom of this, I'll get the next plane.
    Calloway : Death's at the bottom of everything, Martins. Leave death to the professionals.
    Martins : Mind if I use that line in my next Western?
  • Anna Schmidt : A person doesn't change just because you find out more.
  • Martins : Listen, Callahan!
    Calloway : Calloway. I'm English, not Irish.
  • Martins : Have you ever seen any of your victims?
    Harry Lime : You know, I never feel comfortable on these sort of things. Victims? Don't be melodramatic. Look down there. Tell me. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare? Free of income tax, old man. Free of income tax - the only way you can save money nowadays.
  • British MP: I'm sorry, Miss, it's orders. We can't go against the protocol.
    Anna Schmidt: I don't even know what protocol means.
    British MP: Neither do I, Miss.
  • Calloway: Next time we'll have a foolproof coffin.
  • Harry Lime: Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly.
  • Inspector Bochet: Do you recognize him.
    Harry Lime: No, I've never seen him before.
    Inspector Bochet: He came to you, in here.
    Harry Lime: A lot of people I don't know come to see me.
    Inspector Bochet: They don't all get murdered, do they?
    Harry Lime: Fortunately, the majority survive.
  • Martins: Listen, Callahan!
    Calloway: Calloway. I'm English, not Irish.
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