Alice Joyce

Alice Joyce


Having worked as a telephone operator at age 13 and a fashion model afterwards, Alice Joyce joined the Kalem film company at 20, making her debut in The Deacon's Daughter (1910), and achieved popularity as a charming, proper leading lady in many shorts. After Vitagraph bought out Kalem, Joyce began appearing in the company's features, and her career soared. She was so popular as an ingénue that she was still playing those parts into her late 20s, but eventually she switched to older, more mature roles. She played Clara Bow's mother in Bow's wildly popular film Dancing Mothers (1926). After retiring from the screen, she married director Clarence Brown.
  • When was
    Alice Joyce born?

    Alice Joyce was born on Wednesday, October 1, 1890

  • Where was
    Alice Joyce born?

    Alice Joyce was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • How old was
    Alice Joyce when they died?

    Alice Joyce was 65

  • When did Alice Joyce die?

    Alice Joyce died on
    Sunday, October 9, 1955

  • How tall is Alice Joyce?

    Alice Joyce is 5'7"(1.7m)

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