Amy Macedo

Amy Macedo


Content creator of beauty tips, tutorials, product reviews and other video content on YouTube who has attracted a subscriber base of more than 900,000 to her self-titled channel. She created her YouTube channel in May of 2013 with a username of MacedoBeauty. She posted her first video, "Daily Makeup Routine," that same month. She created a secondary vlog channel called AmyMacedoVlogs in December of 2015, and had already reached 10,000 subscribers to that channel just a month later. Her sis
  • When was
    Amy Macedo born?

    Amy Macedo was born on Saturday, July 9, 1994

  • Where was
    Amy Macedo born?

    Amy Macedo was born in Toronto, Canada

  • How old is
    Amy Macedo?

    Amy Macedo is 28

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