Anatoliy Papanov

Anatoliy Papanov


Anatoly Dmitrievich Papanov was born on October 31, 1922, in Vyasma, Smolensk region, USSR. His father, named Dmitri Filippovich Papanov, was a Russian industrial worker. His mother, named Elena Bronislavovna Roskovskaya, was of Polish ancestry. Young Papanov moved to Moscow with his parents in 1929. After graduation from a secondary school in 1939, he worked as a metal worker at the 2nd Moscow Ball-bearing Factory. There Papanov was an amateur actor at the Worker's Club Theatre-studio named "Kauchuk".
  • When was
    Anatoliy Papanov born?

    Anatoliy Papanov was born on Tuesday, October 31, 1922

  • Where was
    Anatoliy Papanov born?

    Anatoliy Papanov was born in Vyazma, Smolensk Governorate, RSFSR [now Smolensk Oblast, Russia]

  • How old was
    Anatoliy Papanov when they died?

    Anatoliy Papanov was 64

  • When did Anatoliy Papanov die?

    Anatoliy Papanov died on
    Wednesday, August 5, 1987

  • How tall is Anatoliy Papanov?

    Anatoliy Papanov is 6'0"(1.84m)

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