Anna Kashfi

Anna Kashfi


Anna Kashfi has appeared in a number of films including The Mountain (1956) (with Spencer Tracy) and Battle Hymn (1957) (with Rock Hudson) but is best known for being Marlon Brando's first wife. Kashfi is often thought of as being Indian but several newspapers have said that she is, in fact, the daughter of a Welsh factory worker, William Callaghan, and simply reinvented herself to increase her screen appeal. In her 1979 memoir, Kashfi still held onto the claim that she is Indian by insisting that she is the product of an "unregistered alliance" between Selma Ghose and an Indian architect named Devi Kashfi, and that William Callaghan is her stepfather. She met Brando in 1955 in the Paramount commissary and after an on-off relationship (mainly due to Brando's relentless womanizing) married him in 1957. (Brando claimed that he married her only because she had become pregnant.) She gave birth in May 1958 to their son, Christian, who became notorious in 1990 for shooting dead Dag Drollet, a crime that earned him a ten-year jail sentence. Kashfi divorced Brando in 1959. She remarried a Los Angeles businessman named James Hannaford in 1974, but he died in 1987. She also outlived her first husband Marlon Brando (who died in 2004) and their son Christian (who died in 2008). She died on August 16, 2015 of natural causes at the age of 80 in Washington State, USA.
  • When was
    Anna Kashfi born?

    Anna Kashfi was born on Sunday, September 30, 1934

  • Where was
    Anna Kashfi born?

    Anna Kashfi was born in Darjeelg, Bengal Presidency, British India

  • How old was
    Anna Kashfi when they died?

    Anna Kashfi was 81

  • When did Anna Kashfi die?

    Anna Kashfi died on
    Sunday, August 16, 2015

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