Babe London

Babe London


Babe was originally a stock player with Vitagraph then joined the Christie Company as a featured player and leading comedienne Later she played leads in Jack White's Educational Comedies and with Charlie Chaplin in 'A Day's Pleasure. Later she appeared in live and filmed television shows such as Merv Griffin, Mr Adam & Eve, The Best of Post, Day in Court and Face the Facts and guested on numerous interview and panel shows.In the late 1960's she enrolled for a class in oil painting at Hollywood High School under the Adult Education programme despite having flunked art when she was in high school.10 months later she had her first one woman show which was a public and critical success. Since then she has exhibited at the Motion Picture and TV Celebrity Shows in a number of venues winning the sobriquet 'Hollywood's Grandma Moses'. She then worked on what she called 'The Vanishing Era' doing portraits of the silent slapstick comedians, the veteran producers, the old comedy studios and Hollywood landmarks. On completion and after being exhibited she presented them to the Hollywood Museum. She donated all her personal possessions and 75 of her paintings to the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center
  • When was
    Babe London born?

    Babe London was born on Wednesday, August 28, 1901

  • Where was
    Babe London born?

    Babe London was born in Des Moes, Iowa, USA

  • How old was
    Babe London when they died?

    Babe London was 79

  • When did Babe London die?

    Babe London died on
    Saturday, November 29, 1980

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