Barry White

Barry White


Singer, composer, and songwriter who released the hit "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" and won three Grammy Awards. He had a squeaky voice that deepened during adolescence, so much so that his mother cried tears of joy at her son's
  • When was
    Barry White born?

    Barry White was born on Tuesday, September 12, 1944

  • Where was
    Barry White born?

    Barry White was born in Galveston, TX

  • How old is
    Barry White?

    Barry White is 78

  • How much is Barry White worth?

    Barry White is worth $20 Million

Barry White's Offical SoundCloud Account

Best Quotes

  • In my day, we didn't have the cocaine, so we went out and knocked somebody over the head and took the money. But today, all this cocaine and crack, it doesn't give kids a chance.
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