Betsy King Ross

Betsy King Ross


Her father, J. King Ross was a superb horse trainer, a dapper gentleman who was with numerous traveling circuses and shows. Betsy was born on 14 March 1921 (not 1922 which is the date most often given for her birth). She appeared in a few motion pictures but when she was about 13 she decided she did not want to be an actress and her parents honored her wish. She married a road building engineer named Day and lived on a 10,000 acre ranch in South American while her husband was building roads there. The couple had one son, who was born in the USA (as per Betsy's wish). She and baby returned to the ranch after his birth. Her husband was killed in a landslide, she and baby returned to California where she reentered college. (This bio courtesy of Mr. Donn Moyer who knew Betsy's father)
  • When was
    Betsy King Ross born?

    Betsy King Ross was born on Tuesday, March 14, 1922

  • Where was
    Betsy King Ross born?

    Betsy King Ross was born in St. Paul, Mnesota, USA

  • How old was
    Betsy King Ross when they died?

    Betsy King Ross was 68

  • When did Betsy King Ross die?

    Betsy King Ross died on
    Wednesday, October 4, 1989

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