Betty Garde

Betty Garde


Betty Garde was a versatile actress, who began in show business after winning a playwriting competition at high school. Joining Actor's Equity in 1922, she became a noted performer on stage in Boston and Philadelphia, eventually making her debut on Broadway in 1925. Betty, at least early in her profession, was particularly noted for her penchant for comedy, often receiving high praise from the critics. During the 1930's and 40's, she became a prolific radio actress, at the same time maintaining a busy career in the theatre. In addition to voice acting, she also produced and directed her own drama series on CBS, entitled "Another Chance". She starred in and directed the soap opera "My Son and I" in 1939. Additionally, she featured on Eddie Cantor's show, in specials for Orson Welles and in the radio anthology series "Theater Guild on the Air".
  • When was
    Betty Garde born?

    Betty Garde was born on Tuesday, September 19, 1905

  • Where was
    Betty Garde born?

    Betty Garde was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  • How old was
    Betty Garde when they died?

    Betty Garde was 84

  • When did Betty Garde die?

    Betty Garde died on
    Monday, December 25, 1989

  • How tall is Betty Garde?

    Betty Garde is 5'10"(1.78m)

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