Boleslaw Prus

Boleslaw Prus


Boleslaw Prus (real name Aleksander Glowacki), 1847-1912, writer and journalist; played critical role in modernizing the Polish novel; co-creator of Polish Realism; humoresques, novellas, short stories: Klopoty babuni (Grandmother's Troubles, 1874), Powracajaca fala (The Returning Wave, 1880), Antek (1881), Kamizelka (The Vest, 1882), novelistic sketches incl. Anielka (1880), the touching tale of a child and poor people wronged by fate or social conditions; novels with a permanent place in Polish literature: Placowka (The Outpost, 1886), the first naturalistic novel, a depiction of agrarian colonization; Lalka (The Doll, 1890), epic panorama of Warsaw life 1878-79; socially engaged Emancypantki (The Emancipationists, 1894); historical-political portrayal of ancient Egypt in Faraon (Pharoah, 1897); wealth of journalism in the Warsaw press: Kroniki (Weekly Chronicles, 1953-70).
  • When was
    Boleslaw Prus born?

    Boleslaw Prus was born on Friday, August 20, 1847

  • Where was
    Boleslaw Prus born?

    Boleslaw Prus was born in Hrubieszw, Poland, Russian Empire [now Hrubieszw, Lubelskie, Poland]

  • How old was
    Boleslaw Prus when they died?

    Boleslaw Prus was 65

  • When did Boleslaw Prus die?

    Boleslaw Prus died on
    Sunday, May 19, 1912

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