Dancing personality on Instagram whose videos of him performing hip hop style routines to notable songs has earned him 150,000 followers on his girlslovecaleb1. His first videos on Instagram, published in June of 2016, were video imports from Dubsmash. He has had backup Instagram accounts called girlslovecaleb and Calebfr0mig. He's referred to himself as Young King in his Instagram bio. His real name is Caleb Hunter. He has an older sister named Regan. He tagged Lowkey.monae in an Instag
  • When was
    Calebfromig born?

    Calebfromig was born on Sunday, September 5, 2004

  • Where was
    Calebfromig born?

    Calebfromig was born in Mobile, AL

  • How old is

    Calebfromig is 19

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