YouTube gamer and Pokemon fanatic best known for her top 10 videos, gameplay, and card unboxing videos posted to more than 420,000 subscribers. She also has a popular Twitch stream with over 40,000 followers. Though her channel was created in October 2012, she didn't post her first video "RANDOM! SHINY POLIWAG on Pokemon Soulsilver" until February 2013. A couple of her most popular YouTube videos include "Top 10 Pokemon Whose Types Make NO SENSE" and "Top 10 Easter Eggs in Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • When was
    CandyEvie born?

    CandyEvie was born on Tuesday, July 28, 1998

  • Where was
    CandyEvie born?

    CandyEvie was born in England

  • How old is

    CandyEvie is 25

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