Carmen Franke

Carmen Franke


Carmen Franke was born and raised in Germany, Berlin. At age 13 Franke joined the "Magic Circle of Germany" and starred in German TV Shows like "Disney Club" (ARD) and the Sat1 production "Gottschalk kommt". Franke went on to study constructional engineering at the TFH University in Berlin and spend one Year of practical training in Los Angeles. While maintaining business interests with the family business in Berlin, Franke also started her career as a TV show host e.g. TV-FAB Night Guide because she won the Beauty Competitons Miss Berlin and became 4th best at the Miss Germany competition. Franke continues to focus on her acting and MCing career by starring in several hit TV shows like "Das Geständnis" and beauty competitions like Miss Berlin etc. On top she published many sports and Yoga DVDs and introduced new fitness programs to the Germans, e.g. Power Yoga, SenFi, Bodyshaping, Relax etc.).
  • When was
    Carmen Franke born?

    Carmen Franke was born on Thursday, November 15, 1973

  • Where was
    Carmen Franke born?

    Carmen Franke was born in Berl, Germany

  • How old is
    Carmen Franke?

    Carmen Franke is 49

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