Casimiro Hurtado

Casimiro Hurtado


Casimiro Hurtado worked in secondary roles of some dramatic companies during the thirties, beginning a long film career in the forties that will continue for some decades as one of the best known secondary actors of Spanish cinema. He was very qualified to appear as the most extravagant and socially less grateful characters, in such renowned films of the time as The King of Finance as the trickster friend of the protagonist, the Thief of the Duchess of Benamejí, the uncle accomplice of robberies rich in Tales of the Alhambra, the watch seller of Surcos, the concierge of the theater in De Madrid to heaven ...
  • When was
    Casimiro Hurtado born?

    Casimiro Hurtado was born on Saturday, August 8, 1891

  • Where was
    Casimiro Hurtado born?

    Casimiro Hurtado was born in Fuengirola, Mlaga, Andaluca, Spa

  • How old was
    Casimiro Hurtado when they died?

    Casimiro Hurtado was 75

  • When did Casimiro Hurtado die?

    Casimiro Hurtado died on
    Sunday, February 26, 1967

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