Chuanda Mason

Chuanda Mason


Chuanda Mason was born in Seoul, S. Korea. She was raised in Odenton, Maryland as a military brat. Her mother is Korean and father African-American. Chuanda grew up in a middle class family in the suburbs of Anne Arundel County. She has a twin and a younger sister. She is a single mother of a boy. She began her career in acting in 2006 after 4 years of modeling in the Maryland/DC area as a fashion and glamour model. Chuanda got into the modeling scene a few years ago after herself serving in the military as a US Army Sergeant. She is best known for her appearances in popular men's magazines such as Blackmen's magazine, King magazine, XXL magazine, and Show magazine, she also did some modeling for regional and national urban magazines, ads, and calendars including the 2007 Seagrams Gin Calendar. Upon her arrival to Los Angeles, she managed to land roles on 2 hit television shows. The most popular and most recognized BET's Hell Date. This show was the perfect fit for Chuanda. She was able to display her naturalness with comedy in front of the camera. Chuanda would like to be considered the "black Jenny McCarthy". She definitely has the looks along with a great sense of humor. "With Hollywood calling my name, the future is bright and I hopefully will land the role of my dreams as a regular on a hit sitcom," she said. After BET's Hell Date, she competed on the highly talked about show NBC's American Gladiator, where she showed the world that she was not just a pretty face. She went up and showed her toughness against Gladiators twice her size and gave them a run for their money. Chuanda is a very athletic woman who has been a tomboy all her life. After her break from NBC's American gladiator she found a desire to write. She had so many experiences from her past relationships and with the motivation from the show Hell Date, she wrote and published her first book "Love Made Me Crazy" with Authorhouse. After a short book tour to promote her book she decided to go back to college to attain her degree. She attends California State University Northridge as a full time student, majoring in Screenwriting. She is actively working on her second full feature movie script, with plans of having both movies produced.
  • When was
    Chuanda Mason born?

    Chuanda Mason was born on Monday, June 11, 1979

  • Where was
    Chuanda Mason born?

    Chuanda Mason was born in Seoul, South Korea

  • How old is
    Chuanda Mason?

    Chuanda Mason is 43

  • How tall is Chuanda Mason?

    Chuanda Mason is 5'5"(1.65m)

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