Claude Jade

Claude Jade


Claude Jade, daughter of English-teachers, was a student on the "Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique" in Dijon. In 1966, she won a Prize for best actress on stage (Agnès in Molière's "L'école des femmes"). She was also a student on the Acedemy in Paris (teacher: Jean-Laurent Cochet), played in TV series and on stage in Paris and made her first movie Baisers volés (1968) ("Stolen Kisses") directed by François Truffaut. He proposed to marry her in Spring 1968, but she later married Bernard Coste (son Pierre was born in 1976), a diplomate with whom she lived also some years in Russia.
  • When was
    Claude Jade born?

    Claude Jade was born on Friday, October 8, 1948

  • Where was
    Claude Jade born?

    Claude Jade was born in Dijon, Cte-d'Or, France

  • How old was
    Claude Jade when they died?

    Claude Jade was 58

  • When did Claude Jade die?

    Claude Jade died on
    Friday, December 1, 2006

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