Clem Bevans

Clem Bevans


Born in 1879, Clem Bevans spent most of his performing career on the stage. First appearing in 1900 in a vaudeville act with Grace Emmett as a boy and girl act, he would move on to burlesque and eventually make the move to Broadway and even opera productions. His first screen appearance did not come until 1935, when at the age of 55 he was cast as toothless old codger Doc Wiggins in Way Down East (1935). So good was his performance that he would become pigeonholed into "old codger" roles for his entire movie career. Occasionally he would be given the opportunity to play something out of character, such as a voyeuristic millionaire with a fetish for women's knees in Happy Go Lucky (1943) and a Nazi spy in Alfred Hitchcock's Saboteur (1942), but he would go on to play variations of his "old coot" role until the day he died.
  • When was
    Clem Bevans born?

    Clem Bevans was born on Thursday, October 16, 1879

  • Where was
    Clem Bevans born?

    Clem Bevans was born in Cozaddale, Ohio, USA

  • How old was
    Clem Bevans when they died?

    Clem Bevans was 84

  • When did Clem Bevans die?

    Clem Bevans died on
    Sunday, August 11, 1963

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