Dawn Nickerson

Dawn Nickerson


Dawn Nickerson, also known as Dawn Nickerson Fox, began singing and acting professionally at 13 years old. She appeared in Jerome Kern's off broadway production "Leave It To Jane" in 1960, playing the role of "Cori". Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon saw her in this show and asked me to come and audition for "Do Re Mi". She began as the understudy to the ingenue lead but finally took over the part at the 54th Street Theatre. Another Broadway production Dawn starred in was "Subways Are For Sleeping", as a standby for Carol Lawrence. She went on many times and recieved rave reviews, including one from Dorothy Killgallen. Dawn also appeared in off Broadway shows such as "Light As A Feather" and "Riverwind" in the starring role of Jenny in 1962. She was doing "Riverwind" when she was asked to screen test for a new Tv series named Harry's Girls (1963). Hundreds of girls auditioned on both coasts, and Dawn won the role of Lois. It was during her guest appearance on "Route 66" that Dawn met her future husband and decided to retire from show business, devoting her time to her family. In the 1970's she did return to local TV and did some regional theatre but did not want to travel so she did not pursue anything on a big scale.
  • When was
    Dawn Nickerson born?

    Dawn Nickerson was born on Sunday, November 5, 1939

  • Where was
    Dawn Nickerson born?

    Dawn Nickerson was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

  • How old is
    Dawn Nickerson?

    Dawn Nickerson is 82

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