DeWolf Hopper Sr.

DeWolf Hopper Sr.


Best-known for performing the most popular baseball poem, "Casey at the Bat." Filmed as one of the first talkies, 5 years before The Jazz Singer (1927), Casey at the Bat (1922), was included in Ken Burns' Baseball (1994). Hopper, a fervent New York Giant fan, first performed the then-unknown poem to the Giants and Chicago Cubs, on the day his friend, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Tim Keefe had his record 19 game winning streak stopped, August 14, 1888. The dying General William T. Sherman was also in the audience that evening, along with Keefe and his brother-in-law shortstop/attorney John Montgomery Ward. 2 months later the Giants won New York's first world championship.
  • When was
    DeWolf Hopper Sr. born?

    DeWolf Hopper Sr. was born on Tuesday, March 30, 1858

  • Where was
    DeWolf Hopper Sr. born?

    DeWolf Hopper Sr. was born in New York City, New York, USA

  • How old was
    DeWolf Hopper Sr. when they died?

    DeWolf Hopper Sr. was 77

  • When did DeWolf Hopper Sr. die?

    DeWolf Hopper Sr. died on
    Monday, September 23, 1935

  • How tall is DeWolf Hopper Sr.?

    DeWolf Hopper Sr. is 6'2"(1.88m)

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