Erwin Geschonneck

Erwin Geschonneck


Erwin Geschonneck was born on 27 December 1906 in Bartenstein/East Prussia (now Poland). In the Twenties, he became a member of the Communistic Party of Germany. After rise of Nazism, he emigrated to Poland, later to Latvia and Czechoslovakia. In the Soviet Union he became a member of a German theatre company. In 1938 he was arrested in Prague and was deported to different concentration camps. Finally he was evacuated from the concentration camp of Neuengamme near Hamburg to Denmark. But the boat, the Cap Arcona, was accidentally bombed by the RAF. The ship sank in the bay of Lübeck, and Geschonneck was one of only a few survivors. In 1945 he played theatre in Hamburg and had his film debut in Helmut Käutner's post-war drama 'In Jenen Tagen'. It was the famous 'Bertholt Brecht' who offered him a contract for his Berlin Ensemble. Geschonneck moved to East Berlin and became a star of the newly founded DEFA, the only production company of the German Democratic Republic.
  • When was
    Erwin Geschonneck born?

    Erwin Geschonneck was born on Thursday, December 27, 1906

  • Where was
    Erwin Geschonneck born?

    Erwin Geschonneck was born in Bartenste, East Prussia, Germany [now Bartoszyce, Warmsko-Mazurskie, Poland]

  • How old was
    Erwin Geschonneck when they died?

    Erwin Geschonneck was 101

  • When did Erwin Geschonneck die?

    Erwin Geschonneck died on
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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