Minecraft gamer with a kid-friendly channel who also posts content relating to Roblox, Red Ball 4, and other games.  His channel was created in August of 2013. He posted a lot of games from iOS devices when he started out on YouTube.   He has accumulated over 2.3 million subscribers.  He was born in England. All of his YouTube content and social media usage is regulated by his parents while he is underage.  He had the opportunity to meet TheDiamondMinecart at Minecon in 2015.  
  • When was
    EthanGamerTV born?

    EthanGamerTV was born on Sunday, July 9, 2006

  • Where was
    EthanGamerTV born?

    EthanGamerTV was born in England

  • How old is

    EthanGamerTV is 17

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