Eva Novak

Eva Novak


As a fetching, shapely silent screen co-star, Eva Novak would be best known for her early work as cowboy Tom Mix's love interest in ten of his popular westerns. Although she sparked a number of florid dramas and light comedies with other top actors of the day, in retrospect it was with Mix with whom she would be memorably partnered.
  • When was
    Eva Novak born?

    Eva Novak was born on Monday, February 14, 1898

  • Where was
    Eva Novak born?

    Eva Novak was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

  • How old was
    Eva Novak when they died?

    Eva Novak was 90

  • When did Eva Novak die?

    Eva Novak died on
    Sunday, April 17, 1988

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