Eva von Berne

Eva von Berne


In the quest to discover "another Garbo" M.G.M. production chief Irving Thalberg and his actress wife, Norma Shearer saw a picture in a newspaper of a dancing instructor by the name of Eva Plentzner von Sharneck while on a belated honeymoon to Europe, specifically Vienna in late 1927 - early 1928. The 17 year old Miss Plentzner was signed to a contract and arrived in New York in July of 1928. She spoke only a couple of words of English, but was the beneficiary of extra publicity by the studio's press department who feared a repeat of their overlooking a potential star in the way they had done with Garbo. She was renamed Eva von Berne.
  • When was
    Eva von Berne born?

    Eva von Berne was born on Friday, July 8, 1910

  • Where was
    Eva von Berne born?

    Eva von Berne was born in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary [now Bosnia and Herzegova]

  • How old was
    Eva von Berne when they died?

    Eva von Berne was 100

  • When did Eva von Berne die?

    Eva von Berne died on
    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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