Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen


She played mutant Jean Grey in the X-Men film franchise and played Xenia in GoldenEye. Her roles in Nip/Tuck and Taken brought her additional fame. 
  • When was
    Famke Janssen born?

    Famke Janssen was born on Thursday, November 5, 1964

  • Where was
    Famke Janssen born?

    Famke Janssen was born in Amstelveen, Netherlands

  • How old is
    Famke Janssen?

    Famke Janssen is 56

  • How much is Famke Janssen worth?

    Famke Janssen is worth $20 Million

Best Quotes

  • Everybody gets typecast in movies, but you have to make wise choices. I'd say around 90 percent of movie casting is about the way you look, so you have to fight that. If producers had their way, I'd only be in action films, but I'm interested in a more varied career than that.
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