Florence Schauffler

Florence Schauffler


Character actress Florence Schauffler was born Florence Cornelia Brown on November 22, 1920 in Cleveland, Ohio. The first born of paternal twins, Florence attended the Hathaway Brown School for Girls and, following graduation from high school, the Erskine School in Boston, Massachusetts where her studies focused on the theatrical arts. After completing her studies in college Schauffler did summer stock at North Shore Players in Marblehead, Massachusetts. However, Florence's theatre career was temporarily put on hold due to the offset of World War II; she spent those years working in the War Department for Military Intelligence in Washington, D.C. In the late 1940's Schauffler moved to New York City and worked for the production company Theatre Inc. as well as for noted production designer Jo Mielziner. Moreover, Florence met her husband Allen Field Schauffler while living in New York City; the couple got married in 1949 and moved to rural John Day, Oregon where they worked on a ranch owned by her husband's family. Schauffler and her husband moved to Pullman, Washington where her husband attended veterinary school while Schauffler worked as a secretary. The couple opened The Verde Veterinary Hospital in the Verde Valley/ Sedona area in Arizona.
  • When was
    Florence Schauffler born?

    Florence Schauffler was born on Monday, November 22, 1920

  • Where was
    Florence Schauffler born?

    Florence Schauffler was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  • How old was
    Florence Schauffler when they died?

    Florence Schauffler was 98

  • When did Florence Schauffler die?

    Florence Schauffler died on
    Sunday, December 24, 2017

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