Gabriella Spaciari

Gabriella Spaciari


Gabriella Spacciari grew up in a very small town in the South of Brazil. She moved to São Paulo with 16 years, where she graduated in Acting at UNICAMP, considered the best drama college in her country. Since then she played on theater "Killer Joe", written by Tracy Letts and played at "Cemitério de Automoveis", the production was extended for its great repercussion and got 4 stars by Folha de São Paulo's critics; "A Midsummer's Night Dream", by W.Shakespeare, played with Campinas'Symphony Orchestra alive; "Boca de Ouro" by Nelson Rodrigues, directed by Marcelo Lazzaratto and "No Ar", collaboratively created and awarded the Government Prize "PROAC Primeiras Obras", traveling around 5 cities at the state of São Paulo. She was also the lead at some professional short-movies as "Aluga-se" directed by Caue and João Nunes, which went to BH Internacional Movie's Festival and Rio Market 2013; and "Vermelho" by Guily Machovec, produced by OperaHauss, SP. She got a bunch of TV-commercials to brands as PEPSI, GoodEyer, SuperBonder, Cultura Inglesa, Óticas Carol, Quem Disse Berenice, Lojas Cem, Óticas Diniz, Pioneer and GVT. She moved to Los Angeles on September, 2015 and since then she is playing on Sacred Fools Theatre, Serial Killers'comics written and directed by Derek Reid.
  • When was
    Gabriella Spaciari born?

    Gabriella Spaciari was born on Friday, November 8, 1991

  • Where was
    Gabriella Spaciari born?

    Gabriella Spaciari was born in Londra, Paran, Brazil

  • How old is
    Gabriella Spaciari?

    Gabriella Spaciari is 32

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