Gervase Peterson

Gervase Peterson


A native of Philadelphia, PA, Gervase faced loss as a young adult when his father was killed in an automobile accident. His mother became the main provider and greatest influence for Gervase, his 2 brothers and sister. This unexpected loss motivated him to realize the importance of making each day count. After high school he earned electronics degree from Lincoln Technology and dedicated his spare time teaching a basketball clinic at a local YMCA. In the summer of 1999, Gervase was prompted to submit a video tape for an audition for an upcoming reality show titled "Survivor" about 16 individuals stranded on a deserted island left to survive on their own skills. Over 53 million viewers watched the contestants "outwit, outplay and outlast" each other and soon the name Gervase Peterson became endeared by audiences around the world. Hollywood is no stranger to Gervase after appearing on every national television program including Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Rosie O' Donnell and Live With Regis. Gervase has displayed his acting and comedic talents on programs like The Hollywood Squares, Nash Bridges, The Hughleys, VH1's The List & MTV's Say What Karaoke. He also played the part of Jack Tripper in the Nick At Night parody of Three's Company. The soap world will recognize him from his role of Leo Thompson on "As The World Turns." Gervase's talents reach beyond acting to world of hosting and news corresponding including MTV's Music Video Awards, MTV's Spring Break 2001, Survivor The Phenomenon, KCBS, The Early Show and The Today Show. Readers of TV Guide, ESPN Magazine and Playboy have noticed features written by Gervase in addition to his lead role on the popular internet web site "There Goes The Nation." Although the first segment of Survivor is in the past, it is evident Gervase's career will continue long into the future with speaking engagements on the lecture circuit and modeling endorsements with clothing companies like Southpole. In his leisure time, Gervase enjoys spending time with his family, sports, reading and catching the latest movie.
  • When was
    Gervase Peterson born?

    Gervase Peterson was born on Sunday, November 2, 1969

  • Where was
    Gervase Peterson born?

    Gervase Peterson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  • How old is
    Gervase Peterson?

    Gervase Peterson is 52

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