Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen


NFL tight end known for his time with the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers. He won the Comcast SportsNet Bears Player of the Year award in 2008. He helped the Panthers reach Super Bowl 50 in 2016.
  • When was
    Greg Olsen born?

    Greg Olsen was born on Monday, March 11, 1985

  • Where was
    Greg Olsen born?

    Greg Olsen was born in Paterson, NJ

  • How old is
    Greg Olsen?

    Greg Olsen is 39

  • How much is Greg Olsen worth?

    Greg Olsen is worth $10 Million

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  • I grew up in space times. In seventh grade, my teacher said we had to do math and science because the Russians were beating us in the space race. It was a real catalyst. I wish we had something like that today.
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