Hannah Townsend

Hannah Townsend


Hannah Townsend is an American born model, self motivator, classically trained actress & activist from SoCal. Her parents Dan (of Irish descent) & Patricia (of Native American, Mexican, Asian descent) had the bloodline & lifestyle of radical hippies raising Hannah on acclaimed film, art, Motown & Classic Rock music at a very early age. Growing up with family roots based out of South San Yisdro on the border of Mexico, diving head first into the world of watching brilliant cinema by Stanley Kubrick & listening to Jimi Hendrix religiously was a perfect way for her to cope with the rough neighborhood streets in a positive way. She began singing at the age of 7 consistently with her hometown church choir continuing into her teens doing school plays, scene study & script analysis in high school. She rigorously studied Shakespeare Iambic Pentameter & booked the lead in "The Comedy of Errors" portraying Adriana at The Old Globe Theatre youth scholarship program of San Diego. Her discipline & respect for the creative arts grew into a self discovery passion pursuit thereafter.
  • When was
    Hannah Townsend born?

    Hannah Townsend was born on Wednesday, November 25, 1987

  • Where was
    Hannah Townsend born?

    Hannah Townsend was born in San Diego, California, USA

  • How old is
    Hannah Townsend?

    Hannah Townsend is 35

  • How tall is Hannah Townsend?

    Hannah Townsend is 5'5"(1.65m)

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