Harvey Stephens

Harvey Stephens


At age 30, actor Harvey Stephens had a sophisticated charm and staid, long-jawed handsomeness that seemed ideal for the big screen, particularly in elegant or period settings. A veteran of a handful of Broadway shows by the time he made his sudden move to film, he was handed on a silver platter a debut starring role. The drawback was that playing opposite him would be a Broadway legend and one the boldest scenery chewers of all-time -- Tallulah Bankhead. The "leading man" opportunities went quickly downhill from there for Harvey but he redeemed himself quite well in the next few years as a poised second lead player and (later) dependable character actor on TV.
  • When was
    Harvey Stephens born?

    Harvey Stephens was born on Wednesday, August 21, 1901

  • Where was
    Harvey Stephens born?

    Harvey Stephens was born in Los Angeles, California, USA

  • How old was
    Harvey Stephens when they died?

    Harvey Stephens was 86

  • When did Harvey Stephens die?

    Harvey Stephens died on
    Monday, December 22, 1986

  • How tall is Harvey Stephens?

    Harvey Stephens is 5'11"(1.82m)

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