Helen Vinson

Helen Vinson


Texas-born Helen Vinson was born Helen Rulfs in Beaumont on September 17, 1907, the daughter of an oil company exec.. The family eventually settled in Houston, where her inflamed passion for acting was first ignited. While in her teens she married Harry N. Vickerman, a man fifteen years her senior who came from a well-to-do Philadelphia family. Although she was not accepted into the drama department of the University of Texas. She persevered by earning parts in local theater productions. She eventually made her Broadway debut in a walk-on role in a production entitled "Los Angeles" (1927). The stock market crash of 1929 ruined her husband's business and the stress and anguish precipitated divorce proceedings after only five years. Helen gained further notice on Broadway in "Berlin" starring Sydney Greenstreet and "The Fatal Alibi" (1932) with Charles Laughton. During this time she was also noticed by Warner Brothers talent scouts who ushered the svelte blonde straight to Hollywood.
  • When was
    Helen Vinson born?

    Helen Vinson was born on Tuesday, September 17, 1907

  • Where was
    Helen Vinson born?

    Helen Vinson was born in Beaumont, Texas, USA

  • How old was
    Helen Vinson when they died?

    Helen Vinson was 93

  • When did Helen Vinson die?

    Helen Vinson died on
    Thursday, October 7, 1999

  • How tall is Helen Vinson?

    Helen Vinson is 5'6"(1.69m)

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