Hollis L. Edwards

Hollis L. Edwards


Hollis Lapree Edwards III, was born in Dallas Texas on December 28th 1991, where he spent most of his life involved in theater, sports, and martial arts, though film acting would become his lifelong passion. After a stint at the University of North Texas, he moved to Austin Texas in pursuit of a film and music career. After acting in a few short films and Television series for the UT Film department, Hollis went on to join the marine corps infantry in order to test his physical and mental limits. Upon his return, Hollis immediately picked up where he left off by starring in several acclaimed plays, short films and local television series, including the award nominated film, Requiem and Rapunzel for the prestigious Austin Scottish Rite Theatre. He also cemented himself in the Austin music scene with his controversial music backed performance art pieces. Hollis landed a major supporting role in the crime drama, Hall Investigations, in which he plays Detective Calvin Harris (2018 -) . When not acting, Hollis has been known to teach, learn and compete in Mixed Martial arts.
  • When was
    Hollis L. Edwards born?

    Hollis L. Edwards was born on Saturday, December 28, 1991

  • Where was
    Hollis L. Edwards born?

    Hollis L. Edwards was born in Dallas, Texas, USA

  • How old is
    Hollis L. Edwards?

    Hollis L. Edwards is 28

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