Hugh Dancy

Hugh Dancy


Actor who's best recognized for his role as Will Graham in the television series Hannibal. He has appeared in a variety of films, including Ella Enchanted, Adam, Blood and Chocolate, and Savage Grace. 
  • When was
    Hugh Dancy born?

    Hugh Dancy was born on Thursday, June 19, 1975

  • Where was
    Hugh Dancy born?

    Hugh Dancy was born in Stoke on Trent, England

  • How old is
    Hugh Dancy?

    Hugh Dancy is 46

Best Quotes

  • You can still have chemistry on screen without getting on with the person. But it just makes your job a lot easier if you don't have to gird your loins, if that's not quite the right phrase, every time you're going to do a scene with that person.
  • As always, there's a couple of things in the pipeline - but that pipeline is a strange and ambiguous place.
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