Huntley Gordon

Huntley Gordon


Montreal-born Huntley Gordon was educated in both Canada and England, and upon completing his education took a job with the Bank of Montreal, later starting his own stock trading firm. However, he had had a taste of "the stage" in amateur productions, and soon gave up the business life for that of an actor, moving to New York and eventually managing to get small parts in Broadway productions. As luck would have it, one day he ran into a friend who was on his way to the Lambs Club to offer an actor who was living there a part in a film being shot by Vitagraph in New York City. Gordon said that he would take the part, and he was soon in front of the cameras. Director Ralph Ince took Gordon under his wing and secured him a contract with Vitagraph. Gordon became a reliable leading man and character actor in silents and, unlike many of his contemporaries, easily made the transition into sound films. He made his last film in 1941. He died of a heart attack at his home in Van Nuys, CA, in 1956.
  • When was
    Huntley Gordon born?

    Huntley Gordon was born on Saturday, October 8, 1887

  • Where was
    Huntley Gordon born?

    Huntley Gordon was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • How old was
    Huntley Gordon when they died?

    Huntley Gordon was 69

  • When did Huntley Gordon die?

    Huntley Gordon died on
    Friday, December 7, 1956

  • How tall is Huntley Gordon?

    Huntley Gordon is 6'(1.83m)

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