Inda Ledesma

Inda Ledesma


Argentine actress of cinema and theater, and also forming of out-standing actors. Born in a little town of the province of Buenos Aires (Cnel. Suárez), Ledesma established herself in the city of Buenos Aires to very early age to initiate his formation actoral. At the age of 16 she joined the National Conservatory of Scenic Art (Escuela de Teatro), remaining two years there until the beginning of his career in 1945 with the work greedy one, of Moliere, which developed in the National Comedy Argentina. Her teachers were Antonio Cunill Cabanellas and Augusto Fernández. Ledesma - somehow induced by the anarchistic ideology of his ancestors - had an attitude compromised in favor of the rights of the actors. Along his career she was a participant of 24 Argentine movies; the last one, invisible City, in coproduction with Italy. Her most out-standing performances have been in the movies "Viaje sin regreso (Trip without return), "El hombre de las sorpresas" (The man of the surprises, by Leopoldo Torres Ríos), "Los días que me diste" (The days that I gave myself, by Fernando Siro). After the fall of the government peronist in 1955, Ledesma was prohibited by the Liberating Revolution (Revolución Libertadora) of the military government, and newly in 1957 could return to the cinema. She achieved important awards, between them that of Best Actress of Share-out for her role in "Todo sea para bien" (Everything is for good, by Carlos Rinaldi), Best Actress of the Year for the National Institute of Cinematography for "A puerta cerrada" (A closed door, by Pedro Escudero) and Best Actress and for the Franco-Argentine coproduction Section eliminated. In the middle of the decade of 1960 she was nominated an artistic director of the Argentine Theater (Tearo Argentino), where she directed important stagings of famous authors like Bretch, Shaw, Miller and Jacobo Langsner. Also prizewinner directed works of theater, standing out "Israfel" (by Abelardo Castillo), "Medea" (by Eurípides), and "El zoo de cristal" (The crystal zoo, by Tennesse Williams). For her united stamp and social commitment for which, in 1975, she was threatened with death on the part of the Triple A (Anti-communist alliance Argentina) and, censured in almost a decade by the Process of Military Reorganization (1976-1983), which affected her career. In television she took part of the famous Argentine titled cycle "Alta Comedia" (High comedy), along with actors of the height of the asturian Narciso Ibáñez Menta, the actress China Zorrilla and the actor Pepe Soriano.
  • When was
    Inda Ledesma born?

    Inda Ledesma was born on Monday, March 29, 1926

  • Where was
    Inda Ledesma born?

    Inda Ledesma was born in Buenos Aires, Argenta

  • How old was
    Inda Ledesma when they died?

    Inda Ledesma was 84

  • When did Inda Ledesma die?

    Inda Ledesma died on
    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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