Irene Handl

Irene Handl


English character actress best known for her many portrayals of feisty cockney types, ranging from barmaids to landladies, charwomen to cooks. Unlike her working class screen personae, Irene's parentage was quite cosmopolitan, her father a Viennese banker, her mother a French aristocrat - affluent enough to enable her to travel extensively in her youth. She received her acting training at the Embassy School, under the auspices of the sister of Sybil Thorndike, but did not make her debut on the London stage until 1938.
  • When was
    Irene Handl born?

    Irene Handl was born on Friday, December 27, 1901

  • Where was
    Irene Handl born?

    Irene Handl was born in Maida Vale, London, England, UK

  • How old was
    Irene Handl when they died?

    Irene Handl was 86

  • When did Irene Handl die?

    Irene Handl died on
    Sunday, November 29, 1987

  • How tall is Irene Handl?

    Irene Handl is 4'11"(1.51m)

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