James Finlayson

James Finlayson


Alongside Ben Turpin, diminutive Scots-born Jimmy Finlayson was, arguably, the most instantly recognisable of the many clowns of silent screen slapstick who made their living as comic foil to stars like Laurel & Hardy, or Harold Lloyd. The perpetually exasperated, squinting, bald-pated master of the 'double-take and fade' with the walrus (fake) moustache began his working life as an apprentice in his father's iron foundry. Not finding this much to his liking he decided on a mercantile career and enrolled at Edinburgh University. There, he befriended the actor John Clyde, who, before long, talked him out of business and into acting. So, Jimmy quit university and found a job as small part character player with the Theatre Royal in Edinburgh. Soon after, he began to work in comedy with a local repertory company and in music hall, appearing in plays written by Harry Lauder's brother - and fellow Scotsman - Alec.
  • When was
    James Finlayson born?

    James Finlayson was born on Saturday, August 27, 1887

  • Where was
    James Finlayson born?

    James Finlayson was born in Larbert, Falkirk, Scotland, UK

  • How old was
    James Finlayson when they died?

    James Finlayson was 66

  • When did James Finlayson die?

    James Finlayson died on
    Friday, October 9, 1953

  • How tall is James Finlayson?

    James Finlayson is 5'5"(1.65m)

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