Janelle Brady

Janelle Brady


Janelle Brady was a very fresh, radiant and gorgeous brunette actress who had a regrettably fleeting three film career in the mid 80s. Janelle gave a winningly breezy and lively performance as the prim'n'proper Chrissy in the uproariously raucous Troma horror splatter cult comedy classic Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986). The extremely well-built and likable Brady tackled a co-starring role in the terrible college flick The Allnighter (1987) and had a brief cameo as a history student in the stinky sequel Teen Wolf Too (1987). Moreover, Janelle Brady auditioned for the female lead in Tromeo and Juliet (1996) but alas didn't get the role because she was deemed too old for the part.
  • When was
    Janelle Brady born?

    Janelle Brady was born on Sunday, September 23, 1962

  • How old is
    Janelle Brady?

    Janelle Brady is 60

  • How tall is Janelle Brady?

    Janelle Brady is 5'6"(1.68m)

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