Jelle Florizoone

Jelle Florizoone


Jelle Florizoone was born in a little coastal town in Belgium. Growing up as an only child while being raised by his mother gave Jelle a certain maturity. After seeing the movie 'Billy Elliot' at a very young age, he became passionate about performing arts. He started studying at The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp and The Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He was fourteen when he discovered his acting skills with his first leading role in the Belgian movie 'North Sea, Texas' (2011). Later, he starred in Belgians Knight Rider 'Rox' while being on several other TV-shows as a supporting role. In 2015, Jelle was asked to take over the lead in the longest running soap opera of Europe called 'Familie'. After being replaced himself, he decided to stop acting for a while. Jelle started working as a flight attendant for over three years. Almost every day, passengers on his flights told him that he should continue pursuing his acting career. So he did, step by step. Nowadays, Jelle is spending his time in between movie sets and airplanes. In the year of 2019, Jelle will appear on the small screen again in TV-shows like 'De Kotmadam', 'Kosmoo' and his first English production, 'Find Me In Paris'.
  • When was
    Jelle Florizoone born?

    Jelle Florizoone was born on Friday, September 22, 1995

  • Where was
    Jelle Florizoone born?

    Jelle Florizoone was born in Oostende, Flanders, Belgium

  • How old is
    Jelle Florizoone?

    Jelle Florizoone is 28

  • How tall is Jelle Florizoone?

    Jelle Florizoone is 5'9"(1.75m)

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