Jerry Jones Jr.

Jerry Jones Jr.


Born on September 27th 1969, Jerry Jones Jr. joined the family business in 1996 becoming the Cowboys' Vice President and General Counsel. He completed his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University, majoring in political science, and he earned his law degree from Southern Methodist University in 1995. He is a current resident of Dallas, Texas where he lives with his wife Lori and their two children- James and Mary. After joining the club in 1996, Jones soon took over as the club's Chief Marketing Officer in 2001. He spent years negotiating contraction, local television and radio broadcast rights fees and sponsorship agreements for the franchise. Jones was instrumental in establishing the Dallas Cowboys official website which is a leader in NFL franchise marketing strategies that has garnered 60% of visitors that the next closest team while having the largest social media network in the NFL. To further the Dallas Cowboys marketing initiatives and bran image, Jones became the CEO of Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, Ltd. Which manufactures and distributes team merchandise across the globe. Additionally Jones was a crucial player in the development of the Dallas Cowboys Headquarter, The Star, as well as related business ventures. He has managed the health and wellness projects that include a sports medicine campus as well as a therapy and research facility all of which will be located at the Cowboys new home. Throughout his time with the Dallas Cowboys, Jones has and continues to be the guiding force behind the team's innovative sales and marketing strategies as well as its digital and broadcasting media.
  • When was
    Jerry Jones Jr. born?

    Jerry Jones Jr. was born on Saturday, September 27, 1969

  • Where was
    Jerry Jones Jr. born?

    Jerry Jones Jr. was born in Sprgfield, Missouri, USA

  • How old is
    Jerry Jones Jr.?

    Jerry Jones Jr. is 51

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