Joan Barclay

Joan Barclay


Born Mary Elizabeth Greear, the actress best known as Joan Barclay came out to Hollywood when her mother, anxious to leave Minnesota's cold climate, put "Florida" and "California" in a hat and let young Mary Elizabeth draw. One of her earliest acting jobs was a role in The Gaucho (1927) with Douglas Fairbanks, who wanted to make her his next leading lady even though she was only 12(!). She was under contract to Warners in the early 1930s and to RKO in the 1940s, and co-starred in many "B" westerns and serials in the interim. She left movies in the mid-'40s to marry a wealthy man in the rent-a-car business, the first of her three husbands.
  • When was
    Joan Barclay born?

    Joan Barclay was born on Monday, August 31, 1914

  • Where was
    Joan Barclay born?

    Joan Barclay was born in Mneapolis, Mnesota, USA

  • How old was
    Joan Barclay when they died?

    Joan Barclay was 88

  • When did Joan Barclay die?

    Joan Barclay died on
    Friday, November 22, 2002

  • How tall is Joan Barclay?

    Joan Barclay is 5'4"(1.63m)

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