John Richard Petersen

John Richard Petersen


John Richard Petersen was born and raised in Schiller Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. John knew at an early age he was destined for the stage. Plays in grade school, along with John's dabbling in the art of magic, helped prepare him for his involvement in high school drama where he blossomed on the stage. After graduating from East Leyden High School John headed west and attended college at the University of Arizona where he was offered a full acting scholarship after his first semester. Tucson, Arizona and it's old west movie studio location "Old Tucson" was a favorite with Michael Landon and John soon found himself on the set of "Little House on the Prairie" and "Father Murphy" in addition to Sidney Poitier's films "Stir Crazy" and "Hanky Panky" as extra and stand in. After three years of college John decided to make the move to Hollywood, leaving his studies behind him without graduating, one of his biggest regrets. Hollywood work soon started as an extra and bit player on many youth oriented films but John soon found out he was looking too old to be in high school anymore, but not quite old enough to play adult, leading John away from the business. As the years passed John grew into an adult and finally started getting cast as "the father" on stage. Emerging from the chorus he took on leads in many local Orange County musical productions along with many dramas. This allowed John the confidence to return to Hollywood as a full fledged adult performer. When not in front of the camera John continues to be involved with theater throughout Southern California.
  • When was
    John Richard Petersen born?

    John Richard Petersen was born on Tuesday, August 15, 1961

  • Where was
    John Richard Petersen born?

    John Richard Petersen was born in Chicago, Illois, USA

  • How old is
    John Richard Petersen?

    John Richard Petersen is 62

  • How tall is John Richard Petersen?

    John Richard Petersen is 5'10"(1.78m)

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