John Wayne Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt


John Wayne Bobbit made national headlines when his Ecuadorian wife, Lorena, sexually maimed him on grounds of cheating, abuse, forcing her to get an abortion, and other heinous acts. He appeared in a gimmick adult biopic of his own life, as well as a dominatrix video in order to pay his medical (a nine-hour operation) and legal bills. Eventually he began dating someone new, publicly claiming that they would remain abstinent until they married, but after a while he got thrown in jail for hitting her. Early in 1997, he became a minister at a Las Vegas church, but told Comedy Central's The Daily Show (1996) that a sequel to John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut (1994) was not out of the question.
  • Where was
    John Wayne Bobbitt born?

    John Wayne Bobbitt was born in Buffalo, New York, USA

  • How much is John Wayne Bobbitt worth?

    John Wayne Bobbitt is worth $250 Thousand

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